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The Humble Bridge of Cultural Peace

Love Bridge

It takes a humble person, to really narrow down the gap between two countries that have been historically fighting for centuries. Many make the mistake of trying to make a point and introduce their own country as something “good”. As if waving a flight flag and approaching mutual understanding through their own circumstances. This will inevitably carry along personal interest, the very thing that probably got our countries to this mess in the fist place.

That is exactly the approach that we must stop if we want to make some real progress. It’s as if the world has turned opposite, because I strongly believe that we should be going the other way around. Meaning that first we must start by understanding the so called opponent, and showing sympathy towards them not by the white flag.. but by showing interest in their way of thinking. Once you understand the way the opposite side thinks, you are already half way on your way to peaceful relations.

But it’s difficult and all of us have this voice inside that wants to tell the other side how to do or to behave. This has be erased from the technique and sincerety must be shown with authentic compassion. This requires the loose ones own dignity, even if for a moment it can help to open the door of communication. Ultimately if both were able to open the door in this way, all the problems that were attached to such a humble approach to behin with, are automatically reversed. Just the initia steps seem to difficult fro both China & Japan.

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  1. The love bridge <3 Sounds great!

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