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How eBay in Germany was Built with Love

Germany is well known for being a country with a lot of gays. While I am personally not gay, not even near I have nothing against it of course. Besides that, it’s not just Germany but any country in the world. Perhaps it’s some kind of a connection with leather products, some which are being sold on eBay that have made this “loving image” of free sexuality. All I know for sure, is that this kind of an environment promotes freedom and love within the country. Good examples why there is such a problem due to the lack of this kind of an atmosphere in China, Korea or Japan.

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I love to travel anywhere, and Germany is one of those places where I pick up on loving vibes in a new and novel way. Plus I love to do shopping on the German eBay because it has a huge collection of anything from all kinds of manufacturers that you have never even heard of. Highly recommended stuff which I will introduce in this post. Both the general side of how eBay works, and the other side how it’s a very special place in the proud country of Germany. Enjoy the read.

The Basics

eBay is an internet corporation based in America with its headquarters in San Jose, California. It also has global sites not only in Germany, but also in United Kingdom, France, Spain, Japan, Korea and China to name a few. The popular e-commerce website is a marketplace for business to consumer sales and consumer to consumer sales, with its online auctions and “Buy It Now” features. Pierre Omidyar founded the company in 1995 at the height of the “dot-com bubble” and it has grown to become a notable multinational, multibillion dollar company. eBay is known for amazing deals and finding the most unique items around, but the company does not actually sell any products of its own. It simply is a marketplace for buyers and sellers from all over the world to connect.


It is absolutely free to become a buyer on eBay. Once you become a member, you have access to the endless list of items being sold on the site, usually at a better price than one would find in a regular brick and mortar business. On the site, buyers also have the option to bid on an item in an auction or use the “Buy It Now” feature to buy the item at a set price. Just like anywhere else in life, there will be both honest and dishonest people so buyers should be careful of buying rotten deals. For the most part however, a significant number of the sellers are honest and fair. Buyers also have the opportunity to shop by comparison. Very often on eBay, one will find multiple sellers selling the same item, so smart buyers can compare and find the best deal.


Becoming a seller on eBay is quite simple and inexpensive. There are no monthly fees. Sellers only pay a small fee to list their items on the site and eBay also takes a small percentage cut of the sale price when the item is sold. You can sell from virtually anywhere in the world because of the elimination of middle men. So whether you are in China or Mexico, you can sell products to buyers all over the world. Many people have had tremendous success being sellers on eBay, from individuals clearing out their garages to big box retailers. If you ever find yourself in need of some quick cash, selling something on eBay is a great option.

The German eBay

While not exactly the love rainbow, the German version of the store does have some juice. Meaning that you can find a lot of German products if you can manage with the language. But lately there have been some very good methods of overcoming this little problem, one is a practical and helpful post about eBay Germany in English which you are highly recommended to read.

Many people have resorted to buying goods from various shops when traveling in Germany. But we believe that there are much better ways to achieve a great souvenir collection full of love. That is shopping there of course, which cannot only save you time but provide goods that cannot be found elsewhere no matter how hard you try to look.

Hope this helps to get past the English language barrier!

The growth of eBay

eBay grew rapidly in the late 1990’s, well beyond the establishment of the German version of the website, and the company went public on September 21, 1998. Skoll and Omidyar expected the stock to sell at $18 but it went all the way up to $53.50 making them both instant billionaires. In 2002, the internet giant purchased iBazar and Paypal which expanded its portfolio of companies. By 2008, eBay had hundreds of millions of users, over 15,000 employees and approximately $7.7 billion in revenue and in late 2009, they sold Sype for $2.75 billion.

eBay as a company continues to grow in reach and revenue. In 2014 the company reported revenues of $17.9 billion. Millions of collectibles, equiptment, vehicles, furniture and miscellaneous items are sold on the site daily and the numbers will seeming increase for years to come.

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