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How eBay in Germany was Built with Love

Germany is well known for being a country with a lot of gays. While I am personally not gay, not even near I have nothing against it of course. Besides that, it’s not just Germany but any country in the world. Perhaps it’s some kind of a connection with leather products, some which are being sold on eBay that have made this “loving image” of free sexuality. All I know for sure, is that this kind of an environment promotes freedom and love within the country. Good examples why there is such a problem due to the lack of this kind of an atmosphere in China, Korea or Japan.

Screenshot of eBay Germany

I love to travel anywhere, and Germany is one of those places where I pick up on loving vibes in a new and novel way. Plus I love to do shopping on the German eBay because it has a huge collection of anything from all kinds of manufacturers that you have never even heard of. Highly recommended stuff which I will introduce in this post. Both the general side of how eBay works, and the other side how it’s a very special place in the proud country of Germany. Enjoy the read.

The Basics

eBay is an internet corporation based in America with its headquarters in San Jose, California. It also has global sites not only in Germany, but also in United Kingdom, France, Spain, Japan, Korea and China to name a few. The popular e-commerce website is a marketplace for business to consumer sales and consumer to consumer sales, with its online auctions and “Buy It Now” features. Pierre Omidyar founded the company in 1995 at the height of the “dot-com bubble” and it has grown to become a notable multinational, multibillion dollar company. eBay is known for amazing deals and finding the most unique items around, but the company does not actually sell any products of its own. It simply is a marketplace for buyers and sellers from all over the world to connect.


It is absolutely free to become a buyer on eBay. Once you become a member, you have access to the endless list of items being sold on the site, usually at a better price than one would find in a regular brick and mortar business. On the site, buyers also have the option to bid on an item in an auction or use the “Buy It Now” feature to buy the item at a set price. Just like anywhere else in life, there will be both honest and dishonest people so buyers should be careful of buying rotten deals. For the most part however, a significant number of the sellers are honest and fair. Buyers also have the opportunity to shop by comparison. Very often on eBay, one will find multiple sellers selling the same item, so smart buyers can compare and find the best deal.


Becoming a seller on eBay is quite simple and inexpensive. There are no monthly fees. Sellers only pay a small fee to list their items on the site and eBay also takes a small percentage cut of the sale price when the item is sold. You can sell from virtually anywhere in the world because of the elimination of middle men. So whether you are in China or Mexico, you can sell products to buyers all over the world. Many people have had tremendous success being sellers on eBay, from individuals clearing out their garages to big box retailers. If you ever find yourself in need of some quick cash, selling something on eBay is a great option.

The German eBay

While not exactly the love rainbow, the German version of the store does have some juice. Meaning that you can find a lot of German products if you can manage with the language. But lately there have been some very good methods of overcoming this little problem, one is a practical and helpful post about eBay Germany in English which you are highly recommended to read.

Many people have resorted to buying goods from various shops when traveling in Germany. But we believe that there are much better ways to achieve a great souvenir collection full of love. That is shopping there of course, which cannot only save you time but provide goods that cannot be found elsewhere no matter how hard you try to look.

Hope this helps to get past the English language barrier!

The growth of eBay

eBay grew rapidly in the late 1990’s, well beyond the establishment of the German version of the website, and the company went public on September 21, 1998. Skoll and Omidyar expected the stock to sell at $18 but it went all the way up to $53.50 making them both instant billionaires. In 2002, the internet giant purchased iBazar and Paypal which expanded its portfolio of companies. By 2008, eBay had hundreds of millions of users, over 15,000 employees and approximately $7.7 billion in revenue and in late 2009, they sold Sype for $2.75 billion.

eBay as a company continues to grow in reach and revenue. In 2014 the company reported revenues of $17.9 billion. Millions of collectibles, equiptment, vehicles, furniture and miscellaneous items are sold on the site daily and the numbers will seeming increase for years to come.

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Acrobatic Show, at “Tiandi Theatre” in Beijing

Hi everyone, we are back and want to expand the “Love Rainbow Juice” as an expert travel site anyone interested in China, Japan or even Korea. Some other countries in Asia might be covered here as well, you never know if you ask us nicely in the comments of course! Anyway, our last visit to the Chaoyang Theatre was such a hit that we have decided to visit another great acrobatic spectacle in the capital city of Beijing. So enjoy the article and we hope that you have time to go there too on your travels. Thanks very much, Hen Limbsy.

Tiandi Theatre Acrobatic Show in Beijing

Tiandi Theatre in Beijing

Located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, Tiandi Theatre is an experimental theater regarded as the home of the China National Acrobatic Troupe. This acrobatics team is popularly referred to as the ‘Dream Team’ of ancient and modern Chinese acrobatics.

The acrobatic show at Tiandi Theatre is a unique and exhilarating extravaganza that can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. The innovative show offers an insight into the ancient acrobatics of China by presenting it in a unique and innovated combination of the traditional Chinese acrobatics and modern music, dances, technologies, and facilities.

The China National Acrobatic Troupe

The China National Acrobatic Troupe was established in the year 1950 under the guidance of Premier Zhou Enlai and became the first “National Performing Arts Troupe” that was founded by the Chinese Central Government.

The troupe is known for its proficiency in numerous fields including acrobatics, farces, magic, aerial acts, and vocal imitations, etc. It is most renowned for its acrobatic shows and circuses which are the best in the world and considered to be the biggest and most comprehensive artistic programs in the country. The main aim of the troupe is to preserve, promote, and further the different techniques of the millennia-old Chinese traditions of performing arts. Since its inception, the troupe has won nearly 50 awards on a national level as well as several international awards.

Audiences are sure to be treated to stunning performances that feature incredible balancing, eye-popping agility, and unbelievable strength. If you are in Beijing, then do not miss this nightly display of the most advanced acrobatic performance and artistry in the world.

The Acrobatic Show at Tiandi Theatre

Some of the programs that are featured in the Acrobatic Show at Tiandi Theatre include “In love with obsession by contortionists,” “Bicycle skills in Wings of the Wind,” “Silk hanging art in Illusion upon the River,” “Moving poles in Strategy on the Chessboard,” “Ball catching in The Five Musical Elements,” Plate Spinning in Joyful Songs & Tunes,” “Catching and Air Jumping in Tales of Chivalrousness,” “Crystal of White Snow by Contortionists with glasses,” “Tumbling through hoops in Arraying and marching,” “Diabolo featuring Gorgeous Girls,” “Slack wire in Brave the Wind,” and “Pagoda of Bowls featuring Rhythm and buckjumps.”

The acrobatics show is quite pleasing on the eyes and offers a fascinating blend of juggling, humor, pole climbing, tumbling, and bicycle routines in addition to the expected acts included in any kind of acrobatic program. The show cannot be compared to ‘Cirque du Soleil’ but is a must see whether you are in town for a few days or a week. Tourists should make time in the tour schedule to include a visit to this awesome show. Kids will end up feeling that they fell into a rabbit hole and entered a whole new dimension and world!

The different programs in the show are sometimes disappointingly short, but such inadequacies are more than made up with the sheer diversity of artistry and acrobatics. Make sure to walk over to the nearby malls to gorge into a delectable dinner before catching the show. You may then cap off the fantastic evening with an invigorating sago dessert after the show. Have fun!

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Chaoyang Theatre Showing Way to Beijing Love

Love Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics

Getting a perspective on things is not some unrealistic, theoretical concept.. it’s something that we need the physical world to help us with. There are loads of concrete examples of how interest, and fascinationg bring together the two countries.. to send a peaceful message, all it requires is a pinch of love which expands in unlimited ways when people tap into it. Want some good examples, well.. we have been covering some interesting performing arts venues in Beijing before. Although some of the posts were just totally lost, like the one about the Kung Fu theatre. Oh well, let’s not think about that loss and continue to the beautiful and loving future that is ahead of us all. And to take another theatrical example of that very essense of beautiful, pinch of love we go to see the Chaoyang Theatre amazement in Beijing!

So the way of love between China & Japan, definitely needs interest points.. those ones that take people away to the subject of conflict and towards the subject of let’s say, a brilliant acrobatic show. Now, this doesn’t mean that we should just “forget about it”.. referring to our problems between these two nations of course. In fact, it means the opposite. But as I have been talking about perspective and distancing yourself in earlier posts, this is where it all starts to click into one piece. As people for example in this case, get into the acrobatic performance as many tourists in Beijing do.. you start to get into the culture and it’s people. You forget for a moment all the problems but this does not need to be an escape.

I am a bit surprised to even say this myself, but sometimes the news media is doing a job that we can take an advantage of. And that is to never forget. While pumping us with fear from the TV, we have an opportunity to think better and learn. So after we learn the first thing, which is that we are interested and impressed by something that the other country, in this case China is doing. Just when we get comfortable, we remember that oh yes! there were these problems and I was suppose to hate these people. It’s all thanks to the new perspective, that we have a new problem. But this time, it’s one that has to be delt with and cannot be escaped anymore. Why ou ask. Because, it’s either or. You forget about acrobatics, you go home and never say a word about the amazing experience you had at the Chaoyang Theatre in silence. Or, you go back home and tell everyone with all sincerety what happened to you in Beijing, including the wonderful and not-so wonderful.

Doing the latter, will be already softening your relationship with China, and starting a seed of love in Japan that starts to grow out of simple awareness. Sounds brilliant? Yes, it’s brilliant. And the more these two nations actually visit each other, experience each other.. and that is excluding pure business motives which is not a long term solution at all. Things all of a sudden start to fall into place.. that’s why tourism is so important, because ordinary people such as you and me.. can go and visit the acrobatic theatre, and truly have a great time with the world famous Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.. or was it the Peking Acrobats. I don’t really remember well, but anyway the point is not actually in the acrobatic show itself but in the concept.

The reason why I brought the example of Chaoyang Theatre, is not just because I love it. But because I now that all the toursits love it.. so it’s a kind of an easy thing to start with. From kids to older folks, no one will say they hated it. After you get the first essential positive vibe, it’s time to go to more into detailed things.. specific connections that create even more love. Even more of a deeper connection!

In fact, when you think about it. Sometimes life is just so wonderful, isn’t it. Let’s get passionate about somethng, let’s connect and find things that interest us. Just living to the fullest in this manner will help out to soothen out all the anger, and uneccessary hate in this world. Go Beijing Acrobats, show us the way to love! <3 Happy Chinese new year, Hen Limbsy

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We Need Some Space and Perspective


I really think that one of the big issues that is having an effect on the relations between countries and the narrow mindedness of it all it the lack of perspective. When people just live in one country and never leave that comfort zone. And on top of it all, that country is blasting you with media signals that you are suppose to behave or think in some way. Like new news in China for example, it’s all that many people have as a connection to the outer world. That is going to limit ones perspective a lot, being in that crowded “brain washing” space all the time.

All people need, is some space.. distance from their usual way of things. Of course, the easiest trick is to travel and set out to explore new horizons of this world. This is one of the most effective ways of gaining perspective to the world, which is far more realistic than just sitting at home watching your television set.

But unfortunately not everyone can just travel and set out to the world. And a large quantity of those who cannot, would not even want to if they would have the money. That’s why it’s important to set out on a mission to do things for yourself. Because that’s going to be the ultimate last impact that anyone can have.. so forget about statistics and venture out into the world. To share and experience love for this world. Where everyone is united and in peace with each other.

That’s the kind of world I would like to see. And every person that opens their eyes does a huge contribution to the whole. So please, and thank you once again!

Yours sincerely,
Hen Limbsy

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The Humble Bridge of Cultural Peace

Love Bridge

It takes a humble person, to really narrow down the gap between two countries that have been historically fighting for centuries. Many make the mistake of trying to make a point and introduce their own country as something “good”. As if waving a flight flag and approaching mutual understanding through their own circumstances. This will inevitably carry along personal interest, the very thing that probably got our countries to this mess in the fist place.

That is exactly the approach that we must stop if we want to make some real progress. It’s as if the world has turned opposite, because I strongly believe that we should be going the other way around. Meaning that first we must start by understanding the so called opponent, and showing sympathy towards them not by the white flag.. but by showing interest in their way of thinking. Once you understand the way the opposite side thinks, you are already half way on your way to peaceful relations.

But it’s difficult and all of us have this voice inside that wants to tell the other side how to do or to behave. This has be erased from the technique and sincerety must be shown with authentic compassion. This requires the loose ones own dignity, even if for a moment it can help to open the door of communication. Ultimately if both were able to open the door in this way, all the problems that were attached to such a humble approach to behin with, are automatically reversed. Just the initia steps seem to difficult fro both China & Japan.

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Site moved from!

I was kind of expecting this day would come. Before also, had informed that they were going to shut down the site. Then came donations, they were back again until now the time has come, for good it seems. Unfortunately we were unable to recover the entire site, but jux was nice enough to give us back the imagines we had used for the previous blog. So putting together Google cache and other bits and pieces, I have re-opened my doors at the new domain, time to bookmark!

As we have our domain now, this won’t happen, ever again. We really liked the jux platform though, because it gave us lots of room to play with and interesting design ideas out of the box. For now, we have not decided if we will keep on with this layout or not. But as long as the message of “love” is clear, and the content is great as ever.

The domain is a play of words. Since the previous free blogging platform was called Jux. It felt natural for us, to turn it into juice! Of course, non-other than love juice! =) Without going too much erotic, we decided this would be a good name. Like a love potion that you drink in order to start understanding that we must attain peace in order to be happy. And that’s some of the topics that we will be discussing a lot about in the future. So hold on for the new love potion! See you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Hen Limbsy

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Love in Shanghai


One thing is for sure, that the love rainbow reaches far and wide.. there is really no limit to such a thing in fact. One such city that is loaded with the spirit is Shanghai in China. With an abundancy of nightlife as well as excitement that poors throughout the streets, this is a city that has become the favorite of many. Even up to the point that even a huge crowd of foreigners know live there and love Shanghai. We met up with one such group that has penetrated the theatre market and enjoyes not only good business but a good and happy life, Chinese style. The group known as Show Shanghai is giving foreigners a service that makes them extremely comfortable to visit the city. Anyone who dares to go to China, will be surpriced because of it’s relaxed and safe atmosphere. The Show Shanghai team is there just to prove that, and bring an unforgettable night with a free selection of a nightlife venue in the city. The other incredible thing about it, is that all the prices are discounted. Provided that you obtain your tickets through them. Now is that a lot of love or what! We had the one of the best times of our lives and want to spread the word, as well as the love. Take care and see you in the proud and wonderful city of Shanghai! Sincerely, Hen Limbsy

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Winning Love


Loving is like winning. If you work hard to love, it will reward you with luck. It’s not luck one could not live without luck, world is just not like that. But where luck comes from is really love and hard work, I believe. Not a long time ago I decided to take part to an online competition in Finland. You know just for fun if I would get lucky. Well, I did win.. it was a price worth 3000 euros. The first time I ever won anything! But it didn’t feel right.. I didn’t do anything for it, I felt like I didn’t deserve it. So I decided to give it for donation.. and that made me feel good. But it’s really difficult to find a good place to donate to, where the love really reaches the recipent.. those who are in need!

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Beijing Style


A good place to start with building the love rainbow is Beijing. Where people are emotional and open which is a good start! The Chinese have a …

*unfortunately the rest of the contents of this blog post have been lost*