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Acrobatic Show, at “Tiandi Theatre” in Beijing

Hi everyone, we are back and want to expand the “Love Rainbow Juice” as an expert travel site anyone interested in China, Japan or even Korea. Some other countries in Asia might be covered here as well, you never know if you ask us nicely in the comments of course! Anyway, our last visit to the Chaoyang Theatre was such a hit that we have decided to visit another great acrobatic spectacle in the capital city of Beijing. So enjoy the article and we hope that you have time to go there too on your travels. Thanks very much, Hen Limbsy.

Tiandi Theatre Acrobatic Show in Beijing

Tiandi Theatre in Beijing

Located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, Tiandi Theatre is an experimental theater regarded as the home of the China National Acrobatic Troupe. This acrobatics team is popularly referred to as the ‘Dream Team’ of ancient and modern Chinese acrobatics.

The acrobatic show at Tiandi Theatre is a unique and exhilarating extravaganza that can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. The innovative show offers an insight into the ancient acrobatics of China by presenting it in a unique and innovated combination of the traditional Chinese acrobatics and modern music, dances, technologies, and facilities.

The China National Acrobatic Troupe

The China National Acrobatic Troupe was established in the year 1950 under the guidance of Premier Zhou Enlai and became the first “National Performing Arts Troupe” that was founded by the Chinese Central Government.

The troupe is known for its proficiency in numerous fields including acrobatics, farces, magic, aerial acts, and vocal imitations, etc. It is most renowned for its acrobatic shows and circuses which are the best in the world and considered to be the biggest and most comprehensive artistic programs in the country. The main aim of the troupe is to preserve, promote, and further the different techniques of the millennia-old Chinese traditions of performing arts. Since its inception, the troupe has won nearly 50 awards on a national level as well as several international awards.

Audiences are sure to be treated to stunning performances that feature incredible balancing, eye-popping agility, and unbelievable strength. If you are in Beijing, then do not miss this nightly display of the most advanced acrobatic performance and artistry in the world.

The Acrobatic Show at Tiandi Theatre

Some of the programs that are featured in the Acrobatic Show at Tiandi Theatre include “In love with obsession by contortionists,” “Bicycle skills in Wings of the Wind,” “Silk hanging art in Illusion upon the River,” “Moving poles in Strategy on the Chessboard,” “Ball catching in The Five Musical Elements,” Plate Spinning in Joyful Songs & Tunes,” “Catching and Air Jumping in Tales of Chivalrousness,” “Crystal of White Snow by Contortionists with glasses,” “Tumbling through hoops in Arraying and marching,” “Diabolo featuring Gorgeous Girls,” “Slack wire in Brave the Wind,” and “Pagoda of Bowls featuring Rhythm and buckjumps.”

The acrobatics show is quite pleasing on the eyes and offers a fascinating blend of juggling, humor, pole climbing, tumbling, and bicycle routines in addition to the expected acts included in any kind of acrobatic program. The show cannot be compared to ‘Cirque du Soleil’ but is a must see whether you are in town for a few days or a week. Tourists should make time in the tour schedule to include a visit to this awesome show. Kids will end up feeling that they fell into a rabbit hole and entered a whole new dimension and world!

The different programs in the show are sometimes disappointingly short, but such inadequacies are more than made up with the sheer diversity of artistry and acrobatics. Make sure to walk over to the nearby malls to gorge into a delectable dinner before catching the show. You may then cap off the fantastic evening with an invigorating sago dessert after the show. Have fun!

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