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Site moved from!

I was kind of expecting this day would come. Before also, had informed that they were going to shut down the site. Then came donations, they were back again until now the time has come, for good it seems. Unfortunately we were unable to recover the entire site, but jux was nice enough to give us back the imagines we had used for the previous blog. So putting together Google cache and other bits and pieces, I have re-opened my doors at the new domain, time to bookmark!

As we have our domain now, this won’t happen, ever again. We really liked the jux platform though, because it gave us lots of room to play with and interesting design ideas out of the box. For now, we have not decided if we will keep on with this layout or not. But as long as the message of “love” is clear, and the content is great as ever.

The domain is a play of words. Since the previous free blogging platform was called Jux. It felt natural for us, to turn it into juice! Of course, non-other than love juice! =) Without going too much erotic, we decided this would be a good name. Like a love potion that you drink in order to start understanding that we must attain peace in order to be happy. And that’s some of the topics that we will be discussing a lot about in the future. So hold on for the new love potion! See you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Hen Limbsy

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