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Chaoyang Theatre Showing Way to Beijing Love

Love Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics

Getting a perspective on things is not some unrealistic, theoretical concept.. it’s something that we need the physical world to help us with. There are loads of concrete examples of how interest, and fascinationg bring together the two countries.. to send a peaceful message, all it requires is a pinch of love which expands in unlimited ways when people tap into it. Want some good examples, well.. we have been covering some interesting performing arts venues in Beijing before. Although some of the posts were just totally lost, like the one about the Kung Fu theatre. Oh well, let’s not think about that loss and continue to the beautiful and loving future that is ahead of us all. And to take another theatrical example of that very essense of beautiful, pinch of love we go to see the Chaoyang Theatre amazement in Beijing!

So the way of love between China & Japan, definitely needs interest points.. those ones that take people away to the subject of conflict and towards the subject of let’s say, a brilliant acrobatic show. Now, this doesn’t mean that we should just “forget about it”.. referring to our problems between these two nations of course. In fact, it means the opposite. But as I have been talking about perspective and distancing yourself in earlier posts, this is where it all starts to click into one piece. As people for example in this case, get into the acrobatic performance as many tourists in Beijing do.. you start to get into the culture and it’s people. You forget for a moment all the problems but this does not need to be an escape.

I am a bit surprised to even say this myself, but sometimes the news media is doing a job that we can take an advantage of. And that is to never forget. While pumping us with fear from the TV, we have an opportunity to think better and learn. So after we learn the first thing, which is that we are interested and impressed by something that the other country, in this case China is doing. Just when we get comfortable, we remember that oh yes! there were these problems and I was suppose to hate these people. It’s all thanks to the new perspective, that we have a new problem. But this time, it’s one that has to be delt with and cannot be escaped anymore. Why ou ask. Because, it’s either or. You forget about acrobatics, you go home and never say a word about the amazing experience you had at the Chaoyang Theatre in silence. Or, you go back home and tell everyone with all sincerety what happened to you in Beijing, including the wonderful and not-so wonderful.

Doing the latter, will be already softening your relationship with China, and starting a seed of love in Japan that starts to grow out of simple awareness. Sounds brilliant? Yes, it’s brilliant. And the more these two nations actually visit each other, experience each other.. and that is excluding pure business motives which is not a long term solution at all. Things all of a sudden start to fall into place.. that’s why tourism is so important, because ordinary people such as you and me.. can go and visit the acrobatic theatre, and truly have a great time with the world famous Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.. or was it the Peking Acrobats. I don’t really remember well, but anyway the point is not actually in the acrobatic show itself but in the concept.

The reason why I brought the example of Chaoyang Theatre, is not just because I love it. But because I now that all the toursits love it.. so it’s a kind of an easy thing to start with. From kids to older folks, no one will say they hated it. After you get the first essential positive vibe, it’s time to go to more into detailed things.. specific connections that create even more love. Even more of a deeper connection!

In fact, when you think about it. Sometimes life is just so wonderful, isn’t it. Let’s get passionate about somethng, let’s connect and find things that interest us. Just living to the fullest in this manner will help out to soothen out all the anger, and uneccessary hate in this world. Go Beijing Acrobats, show us the way to love! <3 Happy Chinese new year, Hen Limbsy

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We Need Some Space and Perspective


I really think that one of the big issues that is having an effect on the relations between countries and the narrow mindedness of it all it the lack of perspective. When people just live in one country and never leave that comfort zone. And on top of it all, that country is blasting you with media signals that you are suppose to behave or think in some way. Like new news in China for example, it’s all that many people have as a connection to the outer world. That is going to limit ones perspective a lot, being in that crowded “brain washing” space all the time.

All people need, is some space.. distance from their usual way of things. Of course, the easiest trick is to travel and set out to explore new horizons of this world. This is one of the most effective ways of gaining perspective to the world, which is far more realistic than just sitting at home watching your television set.

But unfortunately not everyone can just travel and set out to the world. And a large quantity of those who cannot, would not even want to if they would have the money. That’s why it’s important to set out on a mission to do things for yourself. Because that’s going to be the ultimate last impact that anyone can have.. so forget about statistics and venture out into the world. To share and experience love for this world. Where everyone is united and in peace with each other.

That’s the kind of world I would like to see. And every person that opens their eyes does a huge contribution to the whole. So please, and thank you once again!

Yours sincerely,
Hen Limbsy

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The Humble Bridge of Cultural Peace

Love Bridge

It takes a humble person, to really narrow down the gap between two countries that have been historically fighting for centuries. Many make the mistake of trying to make a point and introduce their own country as something “good”. As if waving a flight flag and approaching mutual understanding through their own circumstances. This will inevitably carry along personal interest, the very thing that probably got our countries to this mess in the fist place.

That is exactly the approach that we must stop if we want to make some real progress. It’s as if the world has turned opposite, because I strongly believe that we should be going the other way around. Meaning that first we must start by understanding the so called opponent, and showing sympathy towards them not by the white flag.. but by showing interest in their way of thinking. Once you understand the way the opposite side thinks, you are already half way on your way to peaceful relations.

But it’s difficult and all of us have this voice inside that wants to tell the other side how to do or to behave. This has be erased from the technique and sincerety must be shown with authentic compassion. This requires the loose ones own dignity, even if for a moment it can help to open the door of communication. Ultimately if both were able to open the door in this way, all the problems that were attached to such a humble approach to behin with, are automatically reversed. Just the initia steps seem to difficult fro both China & Japan.