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Love in Shanghai


One thing is for sure, that the love rainbow reaches far and wide.. there is really no limit to such a thing in fact. One such city that is loaded with the spirit is Shanghai in China. With an abundancy of nightlife as well as excitement that poors throughout the streets, this is a city that has become the favorite of many. Even up to the point that even a huge crowd of foreigners know live there and love Shanghai. We met up with one such group that has penetrated the theatre market and enjoyes not only good business but a good and happy life, Chinese style. The group known as Show Shanghai is giving foreigners a service that makes them extremely comfortable to visit the city. Anyone who dares to go to China, will be surpriced because of it’s relaxed and safe atmosphere. The Show Shanghai team is there just to prove that, and bring an unforgettable night with a free selection of a nightlife venue in the city. The other incredible thing about it, is that all the prices are discounted. Provided that you obtain your tickets through them. Now is that a lot of love or what! We had the one of the best times of our lives and want to spread the word, as well as the love. Take care and see you in the proud and wonderful city of Shanghai! Sincerely, Hen Limbsy